Tim Holt

El Paso ISD

Key Facts

  • Director of Innovative Pilots and Technology
  • Needed a platform to unify devices and strategy
  • Personalizing professional development

"What we want to do is what every school district wants to do: we want to prepare our students for life outside of K-12 ... With Schoology, it’s actually preparing our students to be in that post-K12 environment."


How El Paso ISD is Preparing Students for Their Futures

"We’re actually changing the way that courses are being delivered in EPISD. That’s a major shift. Schoology is allowing us to shift away from this teacher-centered approach to learning."

Personalized learning doesn't just happen overnight. According to Director of Technology Tim Holt, it's a culture that flourishes overtime. Hear how El Paso ISD is personalizing learning for their students and for their teachers.

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