Glen Irvin

Wabasha-Kellogg School District

Key Facts

  • Spanish Teacher and District Technology Integrationist
  • Uses his LMS and Minecraft to gamify instruction
  • Used Schoology for 5 years

"It's not just about the LMS. There's something about the community itself that is willing to share with each other almost unlike any other community."


How Glen Irvin has Increased Student Engagement and Learning

"Since adopting Schoology, I would say that student engagement, student learning, has gone up. It is not just me saying that ... I have actual evidence that my students' scores on both formative and summative assessments have gone up." 


In this short video, Spanish Teacher and District Technology Integrationist Glen Irvin shares how integral Schoology has become to his teaching process, how it helps him engage his students even beyond the normal school hours, and how it has helped him increase student engagement and improve learning outcomes.

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