State of Digital Learning in K–12 Education

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About the Research

Schoology's annual State of Digital Learning is not a survey. It's the status of digital learning in K-12—the State of the K-12 Union. We heard from more than 9,200 education professionals across the U.S. and beyond about their challenges, priorities, and use of edtech tools to further student achievement.

Below are select findings from the research. The full eBook offers an in-depth look into all things digital learning, broken down by Teacher and Administrator responses and district enrollment sizes. See full results now.

Major Themes Explored


k-12 education challenges

Obstacles, Challenges, & Priorities

k-12 edtech trends and digital learning

The Role and Impact of Technology

k-12 digital learning research

Digital Citizenship & Emerging EdTech Trends

k-12 collaboration and research

& Collaboration

3 Key Findings

Digital learning is not just about the teachers. It takes a village!

While educators in the classroom may be on the front lines, many of the digital learning problems uncovered by this research are tied back to lacking infrastructure, budget, or access at home. This is not something teachers can solve on their own.

Administrators do recognize this as a major concern. When asked about their greatest challenges in 2017-18, the second-most listed one was technological infrastructure.

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Too much technology, not enough planning

Teachers are undoubtedly excited by the potential and utility of digital learning. Yet almost 40% of all teachers surveyed listed juggling multiple tools for teaching and learning as a challenge.

At some point, incorporating too many tools without a strategic approach to doing so can become more burdensome than helpful. Administrators recognize that it’s not about the tools but about the training in how those tools are used.

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PD Needs an Upgrade

Regardless of district enrollment size, a majority of PD is still done via in-person workshops. And most districts don’t use their learning management system as a mechanism to conduct PD. Further, administrators seem to understand that lack of collaboration amongst their staff is a major problem.

Many districts will be focused on solving these problems—delivering more on-demand PD via the LMS and enabling collaborative environments—as we head toward the 2019-20 school year.

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