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We want to help keep the learning and collaboration continuing with your students and staff. Use the resources on this page to help your teachers learn more about using Schoology for online learning.


Video: 10 Considerations for Moving to Online Instruction in Schoology

Pick up some great tips to help your teachers, or yourself, move from in-person to distance learning. Phil Pulley, Ed.D., talks about the 10 things every teacher and district administrator should consider when moving from in-person teaching to a distance learning model.


Video: New to Schoology? Learn the Basics for Online Learning

Get some guided help from an educational expert on our professional learning team. She will walk you through the basics of setting up your online course in Schoology. 


Tips: Using Schoology for Online Learning (Instructor Considerations)

Check out these ten key areas that instructors should consider when making the shift to online learning with their students. We’ve even provided a wealth of “how-to” resources to help instructors easily dive into areas they would like more help with.  

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Self-Paced PD Course: Dive into Schoology

If you would like self-paced PD content to add to one of your Courses for your teachers, just visit the Public Resource area in Schoology here where you can download the content. This course is geared toward new users and gives a high-level overview of some of the key features of Schoology. 


Article: 7 Simple Ways to Setup Your Schoology Course

Need some different ideas for setting up your Schoology Course? Review these different ideas to make sure your Course is setup for success with your students. 

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Article: 4 Virtual Conferencing Options to Keep the Learning Going

Learn more about your options for using web conferencing tools in Schoology. These options allow educators to hold virtual office hours, collaborate with students and colleagues in real-time, and much more. 

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Taking it Mobile: Using the Schoology iOS App as a Student

Take a tour of the Schoology iOS Mobile App from the perspective of a student. Walk through the basic navigation that a student will use and see how they’ll access and interact with course materials.

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Taking it Mobile: Using the Schoology iOS App as a Parent

The Schoology iOS App is a great tool for parents to monitor activities that their children engage in on Schoology. It’s also a wonderful way for educators and schools to keep the lines of communication open with the parent community. Take a tour of the Schoology iOS Mobile App from the perspective of a parent.

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Video: Parent Account PSA

Have you wondered how a student account is different than a parent account in Schoology? Check out this new video that dives into the differences between a parent and student account.

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Do you have more questions that we didn’t answer through these resources?

Check out these 3 tips for continuing to learn about using Schoology for Online Learning with your students: 

1) Visit the Schoology Help Center by going to or click on the blue “S” in the lower right-hand corner when you are logged into Schoology. 

2) Check the resources in our Distance Readiness Kit at on a periodic basis. Our team of educational experts will be adding more resources daily to help you during this time. 

3) Visit our “Connecting with the Schoology Community” page to get more ideas for sharing and collaborating with educators using Schoology for online learning. 

Distance Learning Readiness Kit

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