Learning from home.

Student engagement can be a challenge in the classroom. With millions of students now learning from home, we wanted to share some resources to help you keep high levels of collaboration and engagement during this unprecedented time.


Video: Keep Learning Going - Even for Non-Core Classes

Join Brian Bruggeman, Band Instructor at Monroe School District in Wisconsin, to hear his tips about keeping learning going in non-core classes like music and art.


Video: Tips and Tricks for Communicating Digitally with Students

Join Dani Patterson, District Instructional Technologist at Killeen Independent School District, Texas, to hear her tips for communicating with students digitally.


Video: 3 Ways to Hold Virtual Office Hours in Schoology

Learn how to integrate virtual office hours to keep students learning with tools in Schoology. In this video, you will explore the Backchannel Chat app, Conferences, and discussions for continuing communication with students online. Also, check out this blog post for other web conferencing tools you can use with Schoology for virtual office hours. 


Tips: 6 Tips for Video Conferencing

Need a helpful visual to use with your students or colleagues with tips for having a successful virtual meeting? Check out this great resource our team created. We even created an editable template in PowerPoint and Google Slides that you can make a copy of and adjust the wording if you prefer.

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Article: 7 Ways to Increase Online Student Engagement

There are numerous challenges related to online education—a primary one being keeping students actively engaged. This article will give you seven ideas to increase online student engagement in the learning process. 

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Video: Building Community When Learning from Home

Creating a sense of community is important with students of all ages when learning online or in a physical classroom. Educational experts on the Schoology Professional Learning team have created and shared a plethora of ideas to help you get started creating an online learning space for students that is inviting, safe, and trusting. Use these ideas to build a community of learners in your online Schoology courses. 


Tips: Connection Ideas for Online Learning

We’ve crowdsourced a great list of ideas from Schoology educators to help you build community in your online courses and create an inviting, safe, and trusting space for your students. You can download these ideas directly from Schoology Public Resources to use in your online course.


Video: 5 Simple Ways to Move Face-to-face Instruction Online

Learn from an educator who has been working with students, teachers, and administrators for over 30 years as she walks through redesigning lesson ideas done in a physical classroom and transforming them for an online learning environment. Authentic examples will be used as she shows teachers how to harness the power of Schoology to stay connected with students, build a community of learners, and guide instruction.


Tips: Engaging Learners in Purposeful Discussions

Engaging learners in collaborative and meaningful online discussions is a great way to increase engagement when learning from home. Providing sentence starters can show students how to respectfully agree or disagree with each other, ask for clarification, make comparisons, and more. Consider using some of these ideas when creating online discussions in Schoology.


Tips: 5 Es Lesson Template

Need a lesson template you can use tomorrow? This lesson template folder is based on a blog post from Catlin Tucker and uses Roger Bybee's 5 Es instructional model. You can download this template directly from Schoology Public Resources. Feel free to add this to your own course and modify as needed.


Tips: FREE Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Resources

We have partnered with the University of South Florida, the Choose Love Movement, and the Santoro Foundation to share FREE SEL resources for educators, parents, and students. Educators can join a new collaborative Schoology Group to access all of these free resources and easily copy them to their Courses to share with students and families. Here is the Schoology Group Access Code: 4H7C-G74H-CTRG9. If you need help joining a Schoology Group, check out our Help Center.

Tips: Student Choice Boards and Playlist Templates

Check out these great choice board and playlist templates that were created and added to Schoology Public Resources by our Professional Learning team. Educators can easily download these templates, modify them, and add them to their Schoology Courses.


Distance Learning Readiness Kit

We're here to support you during this unprecedented time. This page is part of our Distance Learning Readiness Kit. Click below to return to the main Kit.