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Schoology Adds New Enhanced Question Types to Assessments

Educators have more options for personalization when creating curriculum and assessments

NEW YORK (April 19, 2017)—Education technology is accelerating how we measure student progress and prepare students for the future. Schoology, the leader in learning management systems (LMS) for education, today announced a new feature that enhances the experience and expands the choice educators have when building curriculum and assessments. With these new features, Schoology provides educators the flexibility to assess and impact individual student progress more effectively than ever before.

"Assessing student progress is a critical capability of a LMS, and today is the first phase in delivering the most advanced assessment management tool in the industry," said Ryan Hwang, VP of Product at Schoology.

The expansion of technology enhanced question types includes support for traditional questions built into most learning tools, such as Fill-In-the-Blank, Short Answer or Shared Passages. More importantly, this new technology adds support for innovative new question types that take advantage of the fact that assessments take place online. These technology-enhanced questions include Label Image, Highlight Image and Hotspot, Highlight Text, Charting, Math Short Answer, Number Line, Math Formula, Math Variable, Opinion Scale Likert, and more.

These new question types provide educators with opportunities not available with any other LMS. They'll be able to:

  • Better prepare for online testing in the classroom throughout the entire school year
  • Provide more interactive assessments and enable students to show their work in STEM courses
  • Create more interactive content since assessments do not have to be graded assignments

"User experience has always been the hallmark of Schoology," stated VP of Product Ryan Hwang. "With this release, Schoology now offers the broadest array of technology enhanced question types of any LMS."

The new assessments will be deployed in phases to Schoology users and will be supported alongside Schoology's existing Test/Quiz tool. The first release of the new assessments, which enables educators to take full advantage of the new technology enhanced question types, will be available to preview at the Schoology NEXT user conference in July, and available to all users at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. As the new features are rolled out, Enterprise users will get access to all available technology enhanced question types, while basic users will only gain access to a subset of the question types.

"Schoology's new assessments will really help teachers make assessments more than just tests," said Melissa Stanton, Intervention Specialist and iPad Teacher at Liberty-Benton Middle School in Findlay, OH. "The additional question types are amazing and I love the new accessibility features that will allow my students to have some ownership in what they need. I see so many possibilities in the classroom."

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