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Carlow University Selects Schoology Learning Management System, Says it Matches Their Student-centered Approach to Learning

Schoology is central to Carlow University’s emphasis on the learner experience while encouraging collaboration among students and instructors.

PITTSBURGH—September 28, 2016—Carlow University in Pittsburgh selected Schoology as its new learning management system for all faculty and students starting the 2016/17 academic year. University leadership stated that Schoology was the best platform to support and encourage student-centered, personalized learning for which Carlow University is well known. Schoology also easily handled the transition of existing courses and content so that courses were quickly up and running.

Carlow University launched Schoology with its Summer 2016 session. The LMS they selected needed to be highly student-centric and encourage collaborative learning, teaching, and communication. The University offers multidimensional courses including traditional, non-traditional, online, and on-ground programs for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees.

“Carlow University places the student learning experience at the heart of all our degree programs and Schoology matches that vision,” said Jeffrey Devlin, chief information officer at Carlow University. “We see Schoology’s great potential in being so much more than a content repository. Schoology is a collaboration platform where instructors and students engage in new ways and can have much richer learning interactions together.”

“We are pleased to be the learning management system selected by Carlow University because we know that university officials went through an exhaustive selection process and found that Schoology best fit their needs,” said Jeremy Friedman, CEO of Schoology. “It is always gratifying to be installed at a learning institution that values the individual learning experience as much as Carlow University because when students are at the focus, Schoology shines.”

Schoology connects all the people, content, and systems that fuel education in a platform that’s so easy to use, it’s second nature. The platform offers higher ed institutions time-saving course management, assessment management, in-depth analytics, and flexible standards-based integrations that make it simple to connect other systems. Schoology also provides native mobile apps so faculty can manage their classes on the go and students can stay connected on any device. The Schoology Assessment Management Platform also gives powerful assessment and reporting functions at the course or administration level.


About Carlow University

Carlow is a private, co-educational, Catholic university located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s “Tech, Ed, and Med” district. Founded by the Sisters of Mercy, Carlow’s graduates, curriculum, and partnerships reflect its strong commitment to social justice; ethical, forward-thinking and responsible leadership; and service to the community that has a meaningful impact. Undergraduate and graduate degrees are offered in three colleges: Health and Wellness, Leadership and Social Change, and Learning and Innovation. Carlow graduates are in demand for their professional expertise, in fields ranging from nursing, the sciences, and perfusion technology to counseling, education, and forensic accounting; their entrepreneurial spirit and creative mindset; and their ability to manage change. Carlow’s eleven athletic teams are known as the Celtics, a reflection of the university’s Irish heritage and roots.

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