Schoology's Mobile Apps

Schoology's native mobile apps extend our award-winning platform beyond the limitations of the average blended learning environment. Our mobile apps combine comprehensive course management with the refreshing freedom of mobility.

Instructors can extend class time and continue to engage students in a social environment that's safe, secure, and academically enriching.

  • Stay Connected

    Instructors can instantly create updates and messages, organize events, and keep everyone in the loop with Schoology's intuitive interface on their mobile devices.

  • Extend Class Time

    When students can view online lessons, collaborate with their peers, and get one-on-one tutoring on their mobile devices, class time is anytime.

  • Manage on the Go

    With the ability to create assignments and discussions, answer homework questions, and view, grade, and return student submissions on a mobile device, instructors can enjoy the freedom of mobility without losing ground on their responsibilities.

  • 1:1 Education at a Lower Cost

    As mobile technologies become more widely used, Schoology's free mobile LMS apps can enhance every class with a 1:1 experience without adding more technologies to the budget.

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