Robust Mobile App

Schoology's award-winning mobile app extends learning beyond the limitations of the classroom. Conduct class, assign and grade work, annotate student submissions, and provide feedback all with one app.

Keep students engaged in a social environment that's safe, secure, and academically enriching.

  • Stay Connected

    Educators can send course and group updates, private messages, give students feedback, and organize events with Schoology's intuitive interface on their mobile devices.

  • Extend Class Time

    When students can view online lessons, collaborate with their peers, and get one-on-one tutoring on their mobile devices, class time is anytime.

  • Manage on the Go

    Instructors can easily create assignments and discussions, answer homework questions, grade student submissions, and provide feedback all on their mobile devices.

  • Leverage iOS and Android Devices

    Our free mobile app enables access to your educational connections and resources from any mobile device, making them perfect for 1:1 and BYOD.

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