Analytics with a Definite Impact

Effective assessment is the cornerstone of any successful educational institution. Schoology's analytics make it easier to track student engagement and performance so your decisions are always grounded in real data.

Implement sweeping changes through well-targeted initiatives using easy-to-read graphs and assessment data at the individual, class, and systemwide levels.

  • Comprehensive or Individualized

    Comprised of data from every student in the system, Schoology's advanced analytics can provide a bird's-eye-view of systemwide statistics or in-depth analyses of single students throughout their educational careers.

  • The Collective Memory

    No matter where new students come from, if they've used Schoology in the past, then they have a record of analytics that tells more about who they are and what they respond to than grade reports ever could.

  • The Learner's Perspective

    Schoology gives you what you need to develop teaching strategies and tailor instruction to increase engagement, learning comprehension, and, in turn, student retention.

  • Assessment Analytics

    Generate reports that detail how your students performed on each question during a test or quiz. This way you can quickly identify struggling students and areas of confusion.

  • Simple yet Effective

    Complex data shouldn't be hard to read. That's why we simplify the data into a readable and effective format housed in our familiar and intuitive interface.

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