Schoology's Integration Platform

The best educational solutions are built to enhance core competency. For Schoology, that means building a dynamic, easy-to-use learning platform that stands as the operating system for education.

Schoology's Integration Platform allows you to customize and expand your online academic environment by building custom apps, integrating with our advanced APIs, or by implementing our SIS integration adapters.

  • App Center

    The Schoology App Center provides you with access to the most effective educational applications on the market. These apps are seamlessly integrated and installed with the click of a button.

  • SIS Integration

    Student information systems are an essential technology when managing education at the school and district level. Schoology's SIS adapters allow easy information provisioning and real-time synchronization.

  • Strategic Partnerships

    Have an idea for an educational or administrative app? Contact one of our app partners for a custom design or build one on your own. We provide technical manuals for anyone looking to create a custom application to integrate with our API.

  • Seamless Integration

    Juggling disparate programs complicates the already challenging teaching process. Our advanced API integration ensures seamless and convenient access to third-party programs directly through Schoology's simple interface.

  • Open-Access Platform

    Schoology's open-access integration platform promotes unique development, feature customization, and much more to ensure your Schoology experience remains dynamic and scalable.

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