The Link Between Assessments and Classroom Learning | A Deep Dive into Schoology's AMP

Dive deep into Schoology's assessment management platform (AMP) and see what it means for education from the perspectives of students, instructors, and administrators. 



With the launch of Schoology's assessment management platform (AMP), learning management and assessment management are finally part of the same digital environment. In the video above, Adam Larson, our Director of Educational Strategies, walks through AMP in detail to share what impact it has on the overall learning experience.

See what it means for students, instructors, and administrators when standards-aligned assessments can be built at the institutional level, administered within the normal course workflow, and tracked at all levels. 

During this 35 minute recorded webinar, Adam covers:

  • What We Mean by "Assessment Management" (2:18)
  • The Student Perspective (3:14)
    • Seamless Assessment Experience (4:12)
    • Engaging New Question Types (5:42)
    • Student's Visibility into Results (11:41)
  • The Instructor's Perspective (12:12)
    • Seamless Transition from Lessons to Assessments and Back (12:58)
    • How Instructors Can Control the Assessment Experience (14:12)
    • The Benefit of Integrated Assessments for Instructors (17:02)
  • The Principal's or Advisor's Perspective (18:51)
    • How Assessments are Seamlessly Integrated into Building Admin View (19:19)
    • Easy Access to Assessment Results (19:56)
    • How Results are Aggregated for At a Glance Understanding (20:00)
  • The District- or Campus-Level Coordinator's Perspective (21:45)
    • Seamless Day-to-Day and Assessment Experience (23:03)
    • Ability to Manage Assessments and Assessment Creation Teams (24:05)
    • Aggregated View of Performance for Entire Institution (27:24)
  • FAQs Answered by Chris Arvanitis, our National Sales Solutions Director (29:15)

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