Schoology's Educational Solutions

Schoology is not your typical learning management system (LMS). We have redefined the LMS to make online education a collective effort and to increase the overall impact of everyone involved in a student's education.

With an easy-to-use collaborative interface, our CODiE-award-winning solution and robust mobile apps empower engaging instruction and systemwide collaboration on any device.

Enterprise Package Includes Basic Package

  • Enterprise Features

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  • Web Hosting/Cloud Service

    Managing education is tough enough without also having to host your own website. Schoology hosts your website, your content, and your files. Best of all, it connects you with your students to help improve outcomes.

  • Unique Course Webpages

    Academic and technological agility have become necessary characteristics of 21st-century educational institutions. Schoology gives you an edge by simplifying the process of building unique webpages with dynamic content creation tools and a user-centric interface.

  • Aggregated Calendars

    Staying on top of every event in an institution is tough enough without adding multiple calendar interfaces to the mix. Schoology aggregates your personal, course, school, and district calendars into a single interface to simplify and centralize your organizational efforts.

    Schoology’s calendars are color coded, provide automatic updating, and can synchronize with other web-based calendars such as Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar.

  • Web Pages, Documents, and Text Blocks

    There's no longer a need to learn HTML or CSS in order to create custom pages and text blocks. Schoology's Page feature provides a rich text editor for easy and intuitive page customization. For the growing number of code users, there is also an option to use HTML and CSS at any time.

  • Workload Planning

    With the ability to view all of the work assigned to a particular student from every course and even set color-coded workload thresholds, you can ensure your students are never overloaded at any given time.

  • Secure & Configurable Messaging/Email

    In addition to basic messaging, Schoology’s enhanced communication provides extensive options for different message types. From systemwide announcements to personalized messaging that corresponds to configurable roles and permissions, Schoology provides a safe and effective alternative to email. Comprehensive word filters also allow administrators the ability to regulate all messaging content to ensure a constructive, academic environment.

  • Systemwide Management

    Large-scale management is a tough job, especially when your technologies are complicated, disparate, and scattered. Schoology helps streamline large-scale management with customizable webpages, enhanced communication, seamless third-party software integration, API access, and a simple, highly intuitive and configurable interface.

  • User Management

    Schoology enables you to create, import, and export user data and course enrollments easily. You can set custom roles and permissions and easily manage large groups of people.

  • Application and Integration Management

    Schoology helps streamline large-scale management with seamless third-party software integration, open API access, and a configurable interface.

  • SIS Integration Platform

    Using advanced integration capabilities, such as a next-generation API, Schoology can integrate your SIS (and other critical technologies) directly into the platform. The result is one seamless network where data transfers automatically to save you time and make your whole institution more effective.

  • Student Mastery Reporting

    With Schoology, instructors have the tools they need for mastery learning in one comprehensive solution, including student mastery reporting.

    Instructors can easily track student performance over time on an individual and course basis and then use this valuable insight to make better, more impactful decisions.

  • Systemwide Grading Scale Setup

    Making sure that your instructors grade and assess students consistently is simple with Schoology’s systemwide grading scale setup. Percentage and point-based grading scales created at the system level will instantly appear in all live courses throughout your institution.

  • Third-Party Content Support

    Schoology supports a wide variety of content formats including LTI and QTI-compliant content, Web Content, Common Cartridge, and SCORM packages (SCORM 2004 and higher). This way you can easily integrate new and existing content created in-house or by a growing list of vendors.

  • Audio/Video Recording

    Schoology allows you to record audio and video files right in the platform and embed them in assignments, discussions, and any other content.

  • Custom Branding & Domains

    A custom domain allows the branding of Schoology to match your institution. For instance, you might use instead of

  • Increased Storage

    Upload larger files and increase your institution's overall storage limit.

  • Priority Support

    Get access to our priority support ticketing system, ensuring that a Schoology representative will always be there to answer your questions.

  • Remote Authentication and Single Sign-On (SSO)

    Single Sign-On (SSO) makes it easy to manage login credentials so your students only need to remember one username and password.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Schoology enables you to track in-depth statistics on user activity (assignment and assessments logins, page views, posts, submissions, etc.) at the individual, course, school, and system level to better understand how Schoology is being utilized. You can also switch views between users, user types, and schools for comparative analyses.

  • System Log and Event Reporting

    Ever wondered why something broke or changed? Schoology keeps a system log and audit trail that makes it easy to identify changes.

  • Premium API Access

    The Premium API allows you to make larger numbers of API calls, as well as Bulk API calls. This makes it easier to import and synchronize Schoology with existing systems.

  • Professional Development

    Schoology representatives can provide onsite and web-delivered training for professional development.

Basic Package Free for Instructors!

  • Academic Features

  • Personalized Homepage

    Schoology aggregates all your academic information in one easy-to-use, familiar interface.

  • Course Profiles

    Every student is unique. That's why an effective education is both dynamic and agile. Schoology makes creating unique and flexible course profiles simple with a whole suite of student-centric content creation and learning tools and an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

  • Flexible Instructional Tools

    Students learn differently—that’s why effective instruction requires a flexible solution. Schoology empowers instructors with the tools to easily differentiate instruction, pace students individually, and implement group-based learning.

  • Badges

    With the ability to create custom badges using a choice of shapes, colors, and any image or animated GIF available on the web, educators are better able to build incentive and reinforce positive behavior in a fun way.

  • Calendar

    Schoology gives you a user-friendly calendar to help simplify the constant tasks of organization and keeping everyone on the same page. Schoology's calendar is an easy-to-use, robust way to manage personal and course events, ensuring communication for all.

    Schoology’s calendars are color coded, provide automatic updating, and can synchronize with other web-based calendars such as Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar.

  • Online Homework Submissions

    Schoology's Assignment Submissions feature simplifies and centralizes the process of submitting, annotating, grading, and returning assignments so there's no unnecessary repetition.

  • Create Assignments and Events

    Schoology’s robust content creation tools and user-friendly interface make creating diverse assignments and events simple. You can easily attach and embed engaging media from your hard drive or the web. Best of all, created assignment and events are automatically organized in the course, group, and personal calendars.

  • Create Tests and Quizzes

    Formative assessment is essential not only to understanding learner strengths, but also to finding routes toward improved student outcomes. Schoology’s assessment creation tools provide instructors with simple ways to create media-rich assessments using new, repurposed, and standards aligned content.

  • Extended File Support

    Schoology supports Common Cartridge, Web Content, QTI-compliant content, and other ZIP files to ensure that educators and administrators can use their existing third-party content in Schoology without losing its formatting.

  • Make Learning Mobile

    Native mobile apps extend our award-winning LMS to all iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire mobile devices for free, enabling cost-effective 1:1 and BYOD initiatives. Everything from assessment creation, submission, and grading to media-rich discussions are easily achieved from a mobile device.

  • Online Gradebook and Attendance

    Schoology’s Gradebook and Attendance save you time by automating the redundant tasks of inputting grades and taking attendance. Even with custom grading scales and easily editable settings, you can focus your time and efforts elsewhere.

  • Customized Grading Options

    Schoology provides the tools to create custom grading scales that meet your institution’s assessment needs. With the ability to create rubrics, percentage scales, and point-based scales, you can find the right grading approach for you and your students.

  • Standards and Outcomes Alignments

    Schoology enables instructors and curriculum specialists to easily align content, assessments, and rubrics to Common Core, State Standards, or custom learning outcomes. Standards or outcomes-aligned test and quiz questions can also be archived for quick and efficient assessment creation.

  • Track Student Usage and Course Analytics

    With individualized and course-wide analytics presented in an easily read format, Schoology helps you to better understand your students’ needs and develop strategies that improve their engagement and comprehension.

  • Application Marketplace

    Schoology's App Center provides educators and institutions with access to high-quality instructional and management applications that are seamlessly integrated into the platform.

  • Social Features

  • User Connections (Professional Networks)

    Staying connected locally and building connections globally helps improve education in a collaborative effort. Schoology lets you collaborate and share instructional resources with excellent educators in your school and other schools around the world.

  • Messaging

    Schoology facilitates better communication by providing instructors a way to send messages and share resources efficiently with their students and peers, and by providing students a simple and safe way to contact their instructors.

  • Customizable Notifications

    Schoology makes staying connected simple with email and SMS text notifications so everyone is always up to date. Breathe easy knowing that all messaging is in a secure and safe environment, guaranteed.

  • Announcements

    Need to make sure your class post/update doesn't get lost in the activity feed? Schoology's announcement feature turns any update into an announcement with one click, pinning it to the top of the activity feed so everyone gets the message.

  • Discussions

    With Schoology, instructors can create interactive discussion pages, engaging students on a more personal level. Discussions are threaded to allow for easy replying and organization.

    A wide range of files (including documents, pictures, audio, and video files) can be attached to any post. Instructors can also connect their discussion pages with other class sections and courses for a more widely interactive experience.

  • Group Workspaces (Collaboration)

    Schoology’s learning environment facilitates collaboration on a number of different levels. Students and instructors can collaborate easily with each other and their peers by participating in live discussions, sharing resources and ideas, and much more.

Technical Specifications

  • Easy Website Creation

    With Schoology's simple tools, websites and webpages can be created, saved, shared, and adapted. A variety of tools make the creation process simple, from defining an online homework assignment with a homework submission area to creating a set of rich-text or HTML pages that can be sequenced and played in a desired navigational order.

    For almost every content type, an easy-to-use WYSIWYG allows the user to spend less time learning HTML and CSS, and more time building high-quality, interactive content. For more advanced users that may be looking for full customizability, the Pages feature within Schoology allows for the easy creation of content using either an advanced rich-text editor or custom HTML and CSS.

  • Cloud-Based (SaaS)

    Schoology is hosted on a reliable, scalable, and robust cloud‐based platform, allowing for infinite scaling. Deployed as a cloud‐based system, Schoology requires NO software or hardware to support new institutional implementations.

    Advanced access controls help institutions implement in a fraction of the time compared to competitors. Our infrastructure allows you to constantly incorporate newer technologies, tools, and features without interruption.

  • Institutional Branding

    Schoology is free of third-party branding, and can be custom branded to match any look and feel. Custom themes can be applied to the post‐secondary districts, universities, or colleges. Custom pages and themes can be developed with custom login fields, background colors, logos, icons, varying formats, and more.

  • Authorization

    Schoology is a blank slate role‐based system that allows administrators to develop an infinite number of roles—each role can be configured to have different levels of access and permissions.

    Schoology can establish Single Sign‐On (aka SSO or Remote Authentication) with the majority of third-party systems, and integrates with AD/LDAP or any third-party authentication service.

  • Safe, Secure Academic Social Networking

    Schoology's user interface mirrors familiar social networking and participatory information sharing platforms. The user‐centered design and elegant look and feel encourages students, faculty, and administrators to engage in a collaborative learning environment.

  • Google Integration

    Schoology integrates with Google Apps for Education, allowing instructors and students to access their Google Documents and Calendars from within Schoology. Students can submit assignments directly from Google Docs. Instructors are able to import files directly from Google Docs into their Schoology Resource Area and directly into a desired course.

    Seamless integration with the technology many institutions already use results in an even more efficient, effective digital learning experience.

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