For Individuals

Our Basic package is for instructors, students, parents, and advisors who want to improve learning at the classroom level. It's free and easy to sign up.

Some of the Basic package features include:

Classroom Instruction
  • Develop, manage, and distribute course materials
  • Easily communicate with students
  • Facilitate online discussions
  • Record grades and attendance in our online gradebook
  • Create auto-graded tests and quizzes
  • Give parents visibility into child’s activities and progress
  • Collaborate or share resources via Schoology’s community groups
Classroom Productivity
  • Use the mobile app for anywhere, anytime access
  • Use the calendar to manage assignments and activities
  • Easily message students, parents, and other educators
  • Gain access to thousands of free public resources created by educators for educators



Classroom Integrations
  • Integrate external sites, games, tools, and other resources with the app center


Transform teaching and learning in the classroom with the free version of our learning management system (LMS).


Connect all the people, content, and systems that fuel education with our 6-time CODiE award-winning learning management system.