Use All Your Content

You provide your faculty with great content from McGraw Hill, CK­12, and other publishers. So why not give them a way to really make the most of it? With Schoology, faculty can access and use all their LTI, QTI, Common Cartridge, and SCORM compliant content seamlessly within a single platform.

Automatic SIS Synchronization

Time is a precious resource, especially in education where data must constantly be transferred between the LMS, SIS, and other systems. We automate data provisioning and grade passback between your systems to save you time, eliminate frustrating transfers, and ensure data consistency across the board.

A Catalogue of Preconnected Apps

Discover new applications to engage students and increase productivity via our built­-in app marketplace. Just choose your app and start using it immediately. It’s that easy.

Import. Export. It’s Up to You.

Import and export features ensure you have full control over all of your data and content. You can do with it what you will. We simply provide the space and tools that help you put it all to good use.

An Open Playground for Developers

Every institution has different needs, and Schoology’s API allows them to build custom solutions that are right for them. No matter what tools you are using today or in the future, you can be sure that our open platform will play well with them.