Design Engaging Courses and Lessons in a Snap

We make it easy to build courses that leverage new and existing content. Instructors can quickly create media-­rich lessons, reuse their past courses, and even embed content from Google Drive, Microsoft Office, YouTube, and countless other web tools.

Individualize Instruction

Pace and track students individually. Connect them in collaborative groups. Differentiate, flip, or blend instruction. Schoology makes it easier to identify student needs and guide them down the learning paths that are right for them.

Easily Grade Student Work

Grading and annotating an entire class’s work is a breeze on Schoology. Our grading tools enable instructors to access their students’ work, easily switch between submissions, provide written and video feedback, and record grades in one fell swoop.

Track Student Performance and Engagement

Our course analytics and student mastery reporting track student engagement and performance against pre­loaded standards (Common Core, NGSS, etc.) and custom learning objectives. This data enables faculty to make well­-informed decisions and even provide instant feedback after a test or quiz.

Keep Students Engaged

Students love Schoology because it’s designed like the technologies they like to use outside of class. They become more invested in learning through online discussions, sharing their ideas via videos and images, and simply engaging in a safe, moderated online environment.