Mastery Learning Built In

We make it easy to track student progress against pre­loaded standards—e.g., Common Core and NGSS—and custom learning objectives to quickly identify gaps in learning. Armed with this insight and our flexible teaching tools, instructors can tailor learning accordingly.

Provide Instant Feedback

Our test and quiz analytics are perfect for quick response formative assessments. Schoology provides instructors with immediate results so they can quickly provide targeted feedback to their students and tailor the day’s lesson to what their students actually know.

Your Fast Track to Insight

Your time is precious, so our analytics are designed to pull deep insights to the surface and help you make sense of student engagement and performance data at a glance.

Get a Jump on District Trends

Our analytics make it easy to see student and faculty trends throughout your district. Schoology tracks student engagement at the individual, course, school, and district levels, so you have the hard data you need to develop well-informed district strategies.