Communicate Systemwide Instantly

Use your LMS to communicate with students, faculty, parents, and other shareholders all at once with mass updates, in­-platform messages, mobile notifications, and more.

Switch on Student Engagement

Schoology keeps students engaged because it’s similar to the technologies they love to use outside the classroom. We enable them to be active participants in a moderated classroom community that encourages collaboration, discussion, and creativity—which is just how they like it.

Connect Your Faculty in One Network

Schoology enables faculty to create and join groups that foster a sense of community and increase collaboration across the institution. Group content libraries simplify the sharing of instructional resources and enable faculty to add them to their courses instantly.

Your Own Global PLC

Schoology is the only LMS with a vibrant professional learning community (PLC) built in rather than tacked on. There’s no better vehicle for supporting faculty than a global network of innovators, thought leaders, and instructional coaches ready to help anytime, 365 days a year.

Public Groups

Collaborative spaces pre­built and open to Schoology users around the world.

Public Resources

A massive library of user-­generated lessons, assignments, assessments, and more.