Insights Into Student Performance

Schoology's Assessment Management Platform (AMP) lets you build amazing assessments, manage the way assessments are used, and measure results across your entire school or district.



Schoology AMP supports assessments across your district


Common formative assessments

Enable collaboration among teachers and PLCs and give them the data needed for continuous improvement. Schoology AMP helps educators answer the critical question of "How do we know that students are learning?"

Common interim & benchmark assessments

Make sure your students are on track for curriculum scope & sequence. Schoology AMP provides insight into student learning at key points throughout a school year, helping teachers and leaders ensure all students are on track.



Common summative assessment

Implement assessments that allow educator groups to know if subject matter was consistent across the district based on learning objectives. Measuring whether or not learning actually occurred as expected allows instructional leaders to identify gaps and gains in both curriculum and instruction.

Assessment management & learning in the same platform

Everyone can use their existing logins, take common assessments in their same courses, and get insight out of the same system you already use and love.

assessment systems

Common assessments should happen where learning happens

Schoology AMP lets you easily manage and distribute common assessments directly into courses, ensuring alignment between assessment and instruction.

building common assessments

Collaboratively build common assessments with your team

Schoology AMP allows you to create teams within a department to collaboratively build question banks and assessments.

Capture high quality data

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    Build Common Assessments

    Collaboratively build assessments or use professionally authored item content

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    Push to Classrooms

    Easily push out common assessments to multiple sections/classes in order to collect reliable data across classes

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    Assess Students

    Deliver an experience integrated right within your favorite LMS (e.g. same login, same student experience, same team, etc.)



Access & analyze insights

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    Review the Quality

    Make sure tests and items meet your quality standards and adapt as you review assessment data

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    Review Performance

    Get valuable district-wide insight about student performance

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    Impact instruction

    Give insights to the right people to improve instruction and district performance as a whole

How educators use AMP

Using Schoology to measure performance and drive PLCs

Chris Bell is not only the Technology Coordinator for Palo Alto USD, but is also a math teacher. He has been using Schoology AMP with his PLC to analyze student performance data in order to see which children are struggling, what they are struggling with, and formulate the best plan to help them succeed.

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