Schoology as a K-12 LMS

Schoology's K-12 LMS provides a controlled environment where you can ensure safe interaction while still fully nurturing students' social and academic development.

Our easily managed platform guarantees security, giving you the ability to focus more on helping your students learn and less on monitoring their conduct.

  • Easy Management

    With simple role-based permission settings, the ability to monitor every post before it appears on the site, and easy district-wide to interpersonal communication, we help you streamline management and build a unique academic environment.

  • Professional Skill Building

    Making online learning a socially interactive experience introduces students to important technical skills, constructive social behavior, and the importance of working as a team to achieve their goals—all of which are important later on in professional life.

  • Enhanced Learning

    With Schoology's engaging course tools and interactive interface, students receive information rich with textual, auditory, and visual media, while also actively participating with technology they use already.

  • Active/Reactive Education

    Schoology gives you the ability to design and customize your academic approach. We also provide in-depth analytics that not only show how students are learning, they illuminate potential routes to improvement if a more tailored, redesigned approach is in order.

  • Money Saving

    By using Schoology's mobile apps, you can make nearly any classroom a 1:1 experience by allowing students to utilize their own mobile devices. Get a more interactive blended learning experience without the cost.

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