An LMS Students and Faculty Will Actually Use

Millions of students and faculty fall in love with our platform every year without any training. That’s because it’s designed with users in mind. Schoology incorporates the best of modern interfaces so it’s easy to learn and access relevant information on any device.

Why is lesson planning so fun when you are using Schoology?! Thank you, Schoology folks!

Sandy Erwin


Learning Management Meets Assessment Management

Informed instruction and high-level assessment are finally a part of the same workflow, because we built the only integrated solution that empowers both. Easily create and distribute standards-aligned assessments from one central location, embed them into the everyday course workflow, and gain deep, real-time insights that help inform more personalized instruction.

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Start Thinking Beyond the Classroom

If you’re not considering whether your LMS can be used beyond the classroom, then you’re wasting time and money. Schoology is the only LMS that connects everyone across an institution on one network so they engage more, learn faster, and work as a team.

Connect Your School

Connect Your School

Valuable opportunities for students and faculty open up when they can continue discussions after class, ask questions anytime they have one, and join schoolwide groups.

Boost Districtwide Collaboration

Boost Districtwide Collaboration

Communication and sharing between disciplines, throughout schools, and across the district will ensure everyone is “in the know” and working as a team.

Support Your District With a Global Network of Educators

Support Your District With a Global Network of Educators

Our built-in professional learning community (PLC) is the best vehicle for faculty to share ideas and resources with others around the world.

Easily Integrate with the Systems You Already Use

No matter what apps, tools, content, or standards you use now or in the future, you can bet that we’ll play well with them, really well. Imagine: one login, no hassle, everything working together.

The Best Mobile App. Period.

Everything students and faculty need to teach, learn, grade, communicate, and share fits in the palms of their hands on the devices they love. Schoology works great on any iOS, Android, or Kindle device.

Your Fast Track to Insights

Your time is too valuable to waste searching through mounds of data. Our analytics and performance tracking filter out the noise to help you discover deeper insights and make well-informed decisions fast.

We’re With You Every Step of the Way

Our dedicated teams help implement, train, and support you for the long haul. We’ve helped bring Schoology to institutions of all sizes, from single school buildings to an entire country.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

See what schools and districts like yours are doing with Schoology.

"Schoology is a game changer for education”

Dave Eisenmann
Director of Instructional Technology & Media Services

“Schoology can be implemented with minimal training.”

Steve Young
Chief Technology Officer

“Schoology has outstanding customer service”

Mark Garrison
Instructional Technology Coordinator



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