Schoology's Collaboration Network

Schoology's global learning community offers unrivaled access to a whole world of passionate educators, instructional resources, best practices, and innovative ideas.

With a Public Resource Center, Groups, and Public Learning Communities, Schoology redefines education as a collaborative process.

  • Find and Share Content

    With 5,000+ instructional resources uploaded almost immediately after its launch, Schoology's Public Resources allow you to find effective and relevant content and showcase your academic prowess.

  • Get Connected

    Schoology's Groups provide instructors with unmatched community support and camaraderie in a global, academically focused, and openly shared environment.

  • Save, Modify, and Reuse

    Schoology combines advanced content creation tools, a library of saved resources, intuitive management, the seamless integration of external content repositories, and standards alignments all into one simple platform.

  • Save Time and Effort

    With a simple and intuitive interface, instant copying and moving capabilities, question randomization, and public sharing, the majority of the time and effort required to build engaging curricula and course materials can instead be used on other important matters.

  • Develop Valuable Skills

    The ability to share, search, rate, and modify resources uploaded locally and from around the world dramatically increases the development curve of curriculum, institutions, instructors, and, in turn, students.

  • Ensure Consistency

    Having all instructors in a system share resources using an internal collection that retains its original integrity no matter how it's modified ensures consistent, high-quality instruction in every class.

  • Reduce Overall Costs

    Sharing and collaborating with Schoology's global learning community provides instructors access to consistent professional development—valuable training, experience, and resources—without any extraneous costs.

Curriculum Management Integration Platform