Professor happy with Schoology
Higher Education

Expect More from Your LMS

Schoology is unlike any LMS. Sure, it makes teaching and learning simpler, much simpler. But what our platform does that yours can’t is transform your campus into a thriving digital ecosystem.

With Schoology, students and faculty can easily communicate, share resources, host collaborative groups, and stay actively engaged from any device.

Feature Highlight

Course Management

Easier Course Management. Greater Opportunity.

Spend more time on quality teaching and learning with simple, time-saving course management and effortless communication.

Professor polling students in Schoology
Performance Tracking

All Critical Performance Data in One Simple Dashboard

Streamline accreditation reporting and quickly identify gaps in student achievement. Schoology automatically tracks and organizes outcomes-based data to help you make better decisions faster.

Student performance tracking dashboard

Actionable Analytics for a Greater Impact

Better understand how engaged your students are in and out of class to increase the impact of data-informed decisions including retention strategies and campuswide initiatives.

Campus engagement analytics dashboard
Mobile Apps

One Mobile App for Everything

Teach, learn, communicate, collaborate, grade, annotate student work, and give feedback anytime from a single app available on any mobile device.

Schoology apps on iOS tablet and Android smartphone
Integration Platform

Unlimited Integrations. One Platform.

Simplify access to everything using Schoology’s open API. It connects existing technologies into one scalable network with secure, automatic data transfers.

Schoology Instructional Operating System diagram
Content Management

Greater Content Flexibility

Experience the power of a platform designed to simplify multitasking. Integrate, share, improve, and reuse your resources from anywhere in the platform.

Omnidirectional content workflows
Communication Hub

A Truly Connected Campus

Increase communication and sharing in your department and across campus. It’s your choice how connected you want to be. Schoology just makes it easy.

Inter-departmental committee threaded discussion
Student Collaboration

Meaningful Student Collaboration

Encourage students to be more involved in the learning process with Schoology. Forming study groups, sharing resources, and peer review are all easier in a digital community.

Student peer review with embedded video