Schoology as a Higher Education LMS

Schoology's dynamic LMS transforms the higher education experience of individualized student paths and numerous incompatible technologies into one centralized, consistent environment.

Every activity whether academic or social can be organized, conducted, and managed using Schoology's easy-to-use, yet incredibly comprehensive interface. Schoology's versatile functionality wrapped in an engaging collaborative environment facilitates interaction and provides a system-wide agility for more effective instruction.

  • Manage and Monitor

    With the ability to fully centralize online educational activity, integrate third-party technologies, and customize accessibility, Schoology streamlines the process of managing educational institutions no matter how large or small they may be.

  • Stay Organized

    Using Schoology's calendars, advanced messaging systems, and personal/shared content repositories, we help you eliminate redundant, time-consuming organization when trying to keep it all up-to-date.

  • Educate Students. Shape Professionals.

    Schoology's collaborative educational environment not only nurtures information sharing but also helps students develop stronger critical thinking and technology skills, better preparing them for the rapidly changing professional world.

  • Build Lasting Connections

    The connections people build in higher education often last a lifetime. Schoology's Groups allow people to build connections based on subject and interest, share content, and collaborate together in a secure, easily moderated environment.

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