Turn­key Content Integration

We don’t just provide turn­key support for all major standards, such as LTI, QTI, Common Cartridge, and SCORM. Our innovative workflows remove all the technical complexities that can inhibit usage and turn integrations into seamless push-­button extensions.

Secure SIS Synchronization

Why use up valuable time manually transferring data from your LMS to your SIS and back when you can easily automate the process? Schoology securely provisions SIS data—e.g., courses, course enrollments, and grade passback—without you having to lift a finger.

Pre­connected to Your Favorite Apps

Schoology’s App Center makes it easy to find and use your favorite third­ party applications without ever leaving the platform. Since they’re already connected, you can simply choose an app and start using it immediately.

An Open, Scalable Solution

Schoology’s open API and App Platform give you free range to build custom solutions that are right for you. With scalability like this, you’re ready for anything.