Design the Perfect Course

Schoology provides all the tools needed to create engaging courses perfect for any pedagogy. Instructors can quickly create media-­rich content and lessons, reuse their past courses, and even embed content from Google Drive, Microsoft Office, YouTube, and countless other content providers.


Get Started Easily

Schoology looks and feels like tools you and your students use everyday outside the classroom. That means fewer clicks, less training, higher engagement, and an LMS that you and your students will actually enjoy using.

Deliver Personalized Instruction

Students learn in different styles and at different paces. That’s why we help instructors visualize student performance against learning objectives and make it easier to assign content to individuals, groups, or even on a self­-paced basis.

Grade and Assess More Efficiently

Our grading tools enable instructors to access their students’ work, easily switch between submissions, provide written and video feedback, and record grades in one fell swoop.

Engage Students in Collaborative Learning

Discussions, group collaboration, web conferencing, and peer review enable students to be more invested in learning and prepare them for the professional world.