Enable Campuswide Communication

Using separate systems for communication and learning is both costly and unnecessarily complicated. With Schoology, you can easily reach your students, faculty, and staff all at once with mass updates, in­-platform messages, mobile notifications, and more. 

Increase Student Collaboration

Keep students engaged with an LMS that’s similar to the technologies they love to use in their personal lives. It enables them to be active participants in a moderated campus community that encourages collaboration, discussion, creativity, peer review, and camaraderie.

Connect Your Faculty in One Network

We make it easy for faculty to create and join groups that build a sense of community and increase collaboration between departments and across campus. Each group includes a content library that simplifies the sharing and use of instructional resources.

Tap Into a Global Learning Community

Schoology is the only LMS with a built­-in network that can connect faculty to others around the world. This gives them the ability to contribute resources and ideas as well as access a worldwide community of experts, thought leaders, and mentors.

Public Groups

Collaborative spaces pre­built and open to Schoology users around the world.

Public Resources

A massive library of user-­generated lessons, assignments, assessments, and more.