Coordinate Curriculum and Assessment

By bringing together learning and assessment in one system, the learning objectives used to develop curriculum match the objectives used to assess knowledge. This ensures all students, instructors, and departments are working towards the same goals.

Efficiently Create and Deliver Tests and Exams

Schoology takes the challenge out of creating, revising, and distributing tests and exams. Whether you build them individually or collaborate with a team, your one-time effort can be leveraged again and again for years to come.

Get Started Fast

Import third-party question banks or leverage those already in Schoology.

Simplify Access to Tests and Exams

Create objectives-aligned assessments that are easily accessible for instructors via one shared repository and delivered within the normal course workflow.

Make Updates Automatically

Edit questions in one centrally-managed location and push changes to all instances automatically.

Elevate Test Quality with Technology Enhanced Items

We've added technology enhanced item types (TEIs) so you can accurately measure student performance, increase engagement through diverse media, test on multiple skills at once, and pinpoint gaps in student understanding.

Visualize Data and Improve Instruction

With real-time reports for instructors, departments, and institutions, everyone has the data they need to have an immediate and positive impact on the learning experience and student success.

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It's time to transform how you manage, optimize, and report on assessments. See a demo of Schoology's Assessment Management Platform today.

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