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Don't Miss Jennifer Jonson's and Kim Myers' Winning Video: Kindergarteners Learning through Schoology

By Dylan Rodgers · Apr 17, 2013 · Guest Blogger, Contest

Our first featured presentation of the Power User Video Contest winners comes to us from Jennifer Jonson and Kim Myers of Allendale Elementary School in the Jefferson County School District, CO. Their video is a fantastic look at Schoology in a kindergarten setting. Using the platform for a little over a year now, Jennifer and Kim had this to say when asked if they had any advice about incorporating technology in the classroom:

  1. Start small, have a clear objective, and have an adventurer's spirit. You don't have to have all the answers or be a techie pro to successfully integrate technology. But you do need to have a clear purpose for the student outcomes you are hoping for so the technology does not become the focus but rather a way to arrive at the outcomes you've identified.
  2. Identify technology tools that not only streamline your workflow and that of students, but also contribute meaningfully to augmenting and transforming traditional classroom tasks through improved collaboration and feedback, task redefinition, the integration of multiple literacies, and the ability for students to express their creativity and arrive at deeper levels of understanding.
  3. Be persistent, tenacious, and willing to ask for help. Things don't always go according to plan right out of the gate, so finding online communities, resources, and/or colleagues can be great assets as you reflect on ways to deal with any unexpected bumps or roadblocks that appear along the way.



Thank you Jennifer and Kim!

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Profile picture for Christopher Mailliard

Christopher Mailliard (Chris)

Way to go Jen and Kim!!!

Profile picture for Carl Shuptrine

Carl Shuptrine

3 excellent suggestions about technology integration.

Profile picture for Sheila Martin

Sheila Martin

How awesome! Glad you decided to jump right in. It is clear that this is a great tool for you to inform your instruction! I love what you said about taking away a barriers so that students can get their thinking into print--letters already formed on keyboard. I look forward learning more about what you are doing in your classroom. Take care

Profile picture for Christine DeMeyer

Christine DeMeyer

WOW! Way to go Jen and Kim. You inspire us all!!

Profile picture for Travis Macy

Travis Macy

Congrats, Jennifer and Kim! This is awesome.

Profile picture for Daniel Connell

Daniel Connell

congrats on the new class room tech

Profile picture for Stephanie Narcy

Stephanie Narcy

Thank you for posting this video--congratulations!

Profile picture for Erin Mayer

Erin Mayer

Congratulation Jen and Kim!!

Profile picture for Constance Ranker

Constance Ranker

Thank you for sharing. Outstanding, Inspiring.

Profile picture for Amy Cox

Amy Cox

Thanks for sharing your classroom!

Profile picture for Nicholas Natalino

Mr. Natalino

Wow! It's so cute to see them working through their responses on a computer. I would have never imagined this working at such a young age. You definitely need to get in front of your Board of Ed with this video and make sure they know what you are accomplishing in your classroom. Awesome job!

Profile picture for Christiane Emery

Christiane Emery

Seeing your students so engaged and using technology was inspiring It makes sense that the students can quickly recognize the letters on a keyboard and write what they are thinking. Having their writing shared with others on the smartboard has to be exciting for young writers.

Chris ,Cooke School, Monticello NY