Great Ideas for Global Learning | January's #SchoologyChat Recap

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Great Ideas for Global Learning | January's #SchoologyChat Recap

Posted in Community | January 17, 2017

The winter holidays, and in particular the coming of the new year, are an ideal time for people to reflect upon blessings of the previous year, look forward with positivity to the coming year, and renew pledges of collegiality and fellowship. Gina Hartman (@ghartman), Learning and Innovation Manager at Schoology, moderated a lively discussion for January's #SchoologyChat about how Schoology can be leveraged for global collaboration and learning.

One couldn’t help but be impressed with the collection of job titles our participants shared during introductions. Obviously, the Schoology learning community is rich in diversity and educational expertise. It was good to see a mixture of #SchoologyChat newbies and experienced veterans. Appropriately, thanks to Carolin Escobar from Ecuador, #SchoologyChat could, once again, boast international representation.

Gina’s questions ignited deep thinking, suggestions for classroom application, and sharing of helpful resources for global collaboration. Participants acknowledged the value of Groups, along with their inherent features, for establishing learning connections extending beyond the classroom, school, and national borders. Schoology’s public resources was another suggested place for making contact and establishing global partnerships.

The #SchoologyChat group then shared successful practices for encouraging colleagues to engage in global collaboration. Suggestions included; immersed professional development, book studies, and groups that support professional learning communities. There are certainly a number of creative ways to use Schoology groups for connection and collaboration!

Gina deftly shifted gears by asking participants how they use Schoology to create authentic, real-world learning experiences. Sharing project, or learning, portfolios with community leaders and business experts creates opportunities for students to receive valuable, authentic feedback from an authentic audience. It goes without saying that these learning connections can, and many times do, span the globe.

The group shared several interesting applications of BigBlueButton to connect beyond the walls of the classroom. Support for homebound students, virtual review sessions, and conducting online meetings are examples that grabbed everyone’s attention.

Did you know Schoology has an open group for educators who want to leverage global classroom connections? Gina shared this join code (WBN43 - 5PHF4) and encouraged interested folks to join the group. This group has sparked several recent global connections. It’s exciting to see the Schoology learning community growing and expanding before our very eyes!

Here is a link to the January 3rd, #SchoologyChat archive.

Connecting learners to their communities, local or global, fosters communication that often drives empathy and understanding. Many folks use the New Year’s celebration to wish for world peace. Would it be outrageous to suggest that global learning connections, like those created and fostered with Schoology, could reduce the threat of hostility and aggression? Let’s put it out there; global collaboration helps learners take bold steps towards world peace. Happy New Year!

Join us next month (February 7th, 2017) as Schoology Ambassador, Cory Klinge, leads our conversation of Schoology best practices specified by grade level. Invite your friends and bring a healthy snack. We'll kick things off promptly at 9:00 pm eastern time!

Now for some highlights from our January 2017 #SchoologyChat ...

Q1: How can Schoology be used to strengthen your PLN (Personal Learning Network)?





Q2: How could you encourage your colleagues to utilize Schoology for local and global collaboration?





Q3: How could you use Schoology to create authentic, real-world learning opportunities for your students?





Q4: Call to Action: Join and share the Global Classroom Connections Schoology Group

Join using the access code (WBN43-5PHF4) and connect with other Schoology educators to create global learning opportunities for your students.


Q5: Share an idea that you will post in the Global Classroom Connections Schoology Group after this chat.






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