Schoology Supports Elementary Teachers in the Classroom

Build a Foundation that Grows with Students

Prepare students for the future and empower them to express their own individuality. Building digital portfolios and other digital learning examples lets teachers control how students safely build critical learning skills.

Keep Parents Connected To The Classroom

Teachers publishing updates and newsletters to parents and students sharing Digital Portfolios make it easy for parents to understand classroom activities that drive more meaningful parent/teacher communication.

Safely Introduce Digital Learning Tools

Keep K–3 students engaged by safely embedding pre-curated content from YouTube, Google Docs, or other approved digital learning tools. Schoology ensures students only see content and activities you want without browsing to inappropriate materials.

Hear How Other Elementary School Teachers are Using Schoology

How Palo Alto Transforms Elementary Classrooms

Hear from Joe Young, Palo Alto’s Elementary Math and STEAM Coach, about how Palo Alto Elementary Teachers have replaced their outdated newsletters and upgraded their student experience with Schoology.

Community Voices: Strategies for Early Elementary Instruction

Hear from Schoology-enthusiastic teachers and coaches on how they are integrating Schoology into early elementary classrooms. Specific practices and techniques are shared, from implementation to classroom lessons.

Making a Homebase for Your Elementary Students

Hear Jesse Buetow, 4th/5th Grade Math Teacher at St. Paul Public Schools, explain how he used Schoology as his central hub in order to bring interactive experiences to his classroom. 

Creating Rich, Engaging Elementary Experiences in Schoology

Hear about Kindergarten Teacher at Fort Bend ISD, Teresa Vasquez's, rollout plan to add more technology to her students' learning experience and see a walkthrough of her kindergarten course within Schoology.

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Schoology's Elementary Kickstart program is a collaborative program between your district and Schoology. This program will align a 3-year project plan to your districts’ goals, ensuring that your elementary teachers are successful. We'll work with you to create templates that can be used throughout your district to get elementary teachers excited, up-to-speed, and active within Schoology.

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