Schoology as a Curriculum Management System

Our learning platform gives you an edge in curriculum management by combining course creation and sharing with standards alignments.

Schoology empowers you to design a unique curriculum and implement it across an entire institution with an easily compiled and modified content repository of working templates. With shared content storage acting as a curricular framework, educators can pull resources and remain instructionally consistent without losing the ability to address their students' specific needs.

  • Create Dynamic Content

    Schoology's content creation tools accommodate unique teaching methods with multimedia student-centric tools that facilitate differentiated instruction and effortless modification.

  • Ensure Consistency

    With the ability to align all content to Common Core and State Standards and easily keep every instructor up-to-date, institution-wide consistency is natural and painless.

  • Implement with Ease

    A shared resource library can house the templates for all content used across the institution. With Schoology's comprehensive interface, you can easily download, modify, and implement curricular resources in every class.

  • Analyze and Improve

    Using Schoology's advanced analytics and easy-to-use content tools, you'll understand how your students learn and be able to quickly modify your curricular and pedagogical approach to meet their specific needs.

  • Share with Peers

    Our Resource Center and Groups simplify the process of building curricula by providing unrivaled access to instructional resources from proven educational systems on a local and global basis, effectively reducing the instructional gap from school to school.

  • Modify Shared Resources

    Schoology's incredibly versatile content tools allow instructors to fully utilize and modify shared resources in a way that suits their students' needs without compromising the resource's original integrity.

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