Centralized Curriculum and Content Management

Schoology makes content management simpler with one centralized repository for all your personal, shared, and third-party resources.

Copy resources to all your courses at once, share them with your peers, and even use those shared with you instantly. However you decide to manage your content, Schoology will help you do it more effectively.

  • Build Engaging Content

    Schoology's content creation and integration tools enable you to create, integrate, or embed any media, including audio and video, to personalize learning.

  • Ensure Consistency

    Easily align content to learning objectives and share it with an entire department, so everyone is on the same page.

  • Share Content Instantly

    House all the content in your institution in one place. Schoology makes it easy to integrate, create, modify, and share instructional resources with every educator instantly.

  • Make Data-Based Decisions

    Using Schoology's advanced analytics and easy-to-use content tools, you'll understand how your students learn and be able to quickly modify your curricular and pedagogical approach to meet their specific needs.

  • Share with Peers

    Our Resource Center and Groups simplify the process of building curricula by providing unrivaled access to instructional resources from proven educational systems on a local and global basis, effectively reducing the instructional gap from school to school.

  • Modify Shared Resources

    Schoology's incredibly versatile content tools allow instructors to fully utilize and modify shared resources in a way that suits their students' needs without compromising the resources' original integrity.

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