Schoology in a Corporate Environment

Combining innovative communication-based learning with a dynamic, easy-to-use suite of content creation and management tools, Schoology is the perfect platform to streamline any business.

Whether keeping everyone up-to-date and consistent, building and sharing critical documentation, or training new or experienced employees on the latest skills and trends on the market, Schoology streamlines and centralizes management and learning activities.

  • Streamlined Management

    Schoology's communication-based interface, easy-to-use tools (calendar, updates, discussions, etc.), and customizable access helps you streamline management and spend more time on other important matters.

  • Collaboration Enhanced

    With enhanced communication and collaboration capabilities, employees can work together more effectively, learn from each other, and come together as a team—even if they're in different parts of the world.

  • Interactive Training

    Schoology allows trainers to build custom courses and materials, save them, and share them with company branches. Trainers can also pace learners individually, track their progress, and tailor their approach for more effective learning.

  • Professional Development

    Whether simply looking over the latest trends in your field and sharing them across the company or actually taking an in-depth course, professional development and improvement occur naturally on Schoology.

  • Customizable Interface

    You can fully customize access to your unique Schoology platform and other third-party technologies critical to your company's operation. Schoology's vanity URLs and Application Programming Interface allow you to centralize and customize company access for internal and external use.

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