Schoology's Collaborative Learning Experience

Schoology's innovative approach to the traditional LMS enhances educational effectiveness by first enhancing communication.

We immerse our global community in a collaboration-based learning environment where engagement, collaboration, and sharing are natural and intuitive. With Schoology, educators and administrators become a more agile network where everyone is on the same page and improving together.

  • More Effective Management

    Educational institutions run more smoothly when everyone has the same information, the same calendar, and the same resources. Regardless of how big your class or institution may be, Schoology can help keep it all running efficiently.

  • Global Learning Communities

    Schoology makes collaboration easier by connecting faculty to global learning communities where they can share resources and best practices. This helps to eliminate the instructional gap between schools, raising the level of achievement worldwide.

  • Inspired Interaction

    Schoology's dynamic, easy-to-use environment engages students through social interaction in a way they actually enjoy. Students more readily participate in discussions, speak their minds, and work together to gain deeper understanding.

  • Secure Environment

    Because students often interact online after hours, using Schoology ensures a secure, academically rich social environment.

  • Curricular Consistency

    Creating, managing, and implementing a curriculum is simpler with Schoology's internally and publically shared content repositories. Easily build a curricular framework and share it with instructors who can then adapt the content to suit their needs without modifying the original template.

  • Educators Groups

    Allowing instructors to create or join any number of online groups provides an academically rich environment where professional development is fostered and resources, best practices, and personal experiences are shared.

  • Enhanced Education

    Collaboration enhances engagement and requires students to not only learn, but to also digest what's learned, think critically, and formulate more complex thoughts.

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