Schoology's Instructor Tools

Educators are heroes. That's why we want you all to have access to better course management and communication for free! Our student-centric, easy-to-use learning management system enhances collaboration, engages students, and allows you to share instructional resources, best practices, and more on a local and global scale.

Schoology streamlines the systematic processes of content creation and management, grade recording, attendance, and more so you can spend less time on redundant tasks.

  • Instruct with Efficiency

    Dynamic webpage creation tools combined with an interactive, collaboration-based interface allow you to adapt to your students' learning strengths, differentiate instruction, and easily develop new methods of instruction.

  • Centralize It All

    Using our next-generation API, we allow you to seamlessly integrate third-party programs such as Google Docs, Turnitin, and more. This way, all your critical technologies are easily accessible when you need them.

  • Analyze Hard Data

    With an automatically updating online grading system and performance-based analytics, all the important data required to tailor lessons for a more effective education is presented in an easily read and relevant fashion.

  • Collaborate and Improve

    Schoology's Resource Center and Groups allow you to collaborate with other instructors in a local-to-global community. Share instructional resources, best practices, personal experiences, and more to help each other improve instruction.

  • Expand Engagement

    Schoology's mobile apps not only provide you important classroom management abilities with mobile freedom, they can easily transform any course into a 1:1, fully engaged experience with little (if any) cost by investing in mobile technologies or holding BYOD days.

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