We're helping educators shape a brighter future. You in?

Education is constantly in motion. As the world changes and skill sets evolve, successful education remains ahead of the curve. At Schoology, we empower educators to empower students. That may sound simple, but when innovation is the name of the game, there's only one way to go—up.

Schoology has reimagined how the world uses online educational technologies. By connecting instructors in a global learning network with a simple yet fully adaptable, collaborative interface, Schoology's done what any good technology should do—put the power in the user's hands.

This is where you come in. Working at Schoology offers you a chance to help solve the most important challenges in education and love doing it. We need smart, creative individuals who are passionate about education and aren't afraid to show it.

Join us in the pursuit of a better future for everyone.


  • Understand Your Impact

    There is an incredible global demand for top-quality educational innovation. The technologies that meet this need will help shape the future of education and hence the future of our world. With so much at stake, a compassionate, insatiable drive to improve the lives of other people pushes us forward.

  • Always Reach Higher

    You can't improve anything unless you try.

  • Be a Pioneer

    Creative innovation, our bread and butter, happens best when individuals collaborate together; the key word being “individuals.” Education can only improve if individuals are willing to pioneer new ideas, lead change, and collaborate with people with differing opinions.

  • See the Forest for the Trees... So to Speak

    Education is about the people. The moment that fact is forgotten is the moment our efforts cease to be effective.

  • Work Hard/Play Hard

    We work hard—really hard. Schoology is a continuous whirlpool of innovation, design, redesign, and just gettin' the job done. One thing we don't do, though, is forget how to have fun. Enjoying what we do is a priority.

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