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Let’s Congratulate the Schoology NEXT 2018 Award Winners

Find out who won Educator of the Year, and the other awards at Schoology NEXT 2018.

Sarah Jaffer
Evolving Ed

Student-Centered Learning: How EdTech is Impacting the Instructional Process

EdTech is quickly changing the face of education as we know it, but what does that mean for student learning? Find out here.

Elizabeth Trach

How an LMS Implementation Goes Viral

Learn how Tina Bacolas, Vice Principal and Supervisor of Instructional Technology, created a viral movement to roll out her district's new LMS.

Matt Essert
Pro Tips

Lesson Design: Beginning, Middle, and End Objectives, Not Just Activities

Want a framework for designing great lessons? This post provides a research-based structure for the beginning, middle, and end to your lessons.

H. L.

How Individualized Learning Can Build Student Confidence

Transitioning from the traditional paper and pen class structure to a blended learning model can be a daunting challenge, especially for teachers that have spent several years in the profession.

Cyndi Amaya
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Vocabulary Acquisition Strategies: What Will Work in Your Classroom

Vocabulary skills are the keys to learning in any subject. Hear different strategies for making sure students both remember and understand vocabulary words.

Alexis Roesser
Evolving Ed

Why Authenticity Matters: 5 Ways Authenticity Impacts Student Learning

What is "authentic learning" and what impact can it have on students? Learn five ways authenticity impacts student learning.

Jessica Quinn
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4 Next-Level Ways to Use Schoology You'll Want to Try

Learn creative ways that Schoology's LMS can be used for educational purposes beyond what it was designed for from this Education Technology Integration Coach.

Lane Halterman

3 Phases of Rollout: How Our School Transitioned to Schoology

Learn how Bishop O'Dowd High School approached their implementation of Schoology's learning management system (LMS).

Stephanie Hwang
Evolving Ed

Visualize The Possibilities: Using Visual Elements to Enhance Online Learning

Learn how Philip Pulley uses Schoology to create visual learning experiences and improve the navigation to his courses.

Philip Pulley