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Blended Learning in Higher Ed: Best Practices for Getting Started

Want to make your college-level courses more engaging? Learn the basics of blended learning & potential challenges (and solutions) that come along with it.

Alexis Roesser
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How to Make Your Own “EdTech Blitz” Video Tutorial Series

Want to learn how to create your own edtech video tutorials for teachers? Stephen Rao, computer teacher and creator of the EdTech Blitz, shares his secrets to great video tutorials.

Stephen Rao
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Did You Know... Three Calendar Tips from Brad Kemp

While teaching Schoology to educators, I've noticed a very consistent trend: teachers love the Schoology calendar, but some of the best features in the calendar often go unnoticed.

Bradley Kemp
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The ICAP Framework: Connecting Learning to Learning Outcomes

Learn how the ICAP Framework can bridge the gap between learning outcomes and the learning process, along with examples of how it works in the classroom.

Justin Harbin
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17 Tips on Getting Parents Involved from the Schoology Community

As we get the 2017–18 school year rolling, we decided to ask our community for tips on how to get parents involved in the learning process. Here's what they had to say.

Bridget Heaton
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Getting Started Using Open Educational Resources (OERs)

Learn what open educational resources (OERs) are, how they differ from other free resources on the internet, how to evaluate them, and how to put them to use.

Elizabeth Trach
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7 Simple Ways to Set Up Your Courses with an LMS

Want to learn some easy ways to set up your online courses using a learning management system (LMS)? Here are seven effective ways to set up your courses.

Dylan Rodgers
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The Classroom as a Locker Room: Schoology for Athletic Teams

Almost three years ago, I wrote about three different ways that unique advances in classroom technology can help coaches with their teams in a post called The Classroom as a Locker Room.

James Watts, CMAA
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The Bearcat Bookclub: Reinventing the Book Report

“You read a lot, don’t you?” Mrs. Grego, my junior English teacher, said as she handed back my graded essay with a red “A” printed largely on top. She’d woken me from a semi-napping state, so I mumbled, “I guess so. Why?”

Joey Ridenour
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[Video] How an Open LMS Solves Your OER Challenges

Finding and curating OERs is the biggest hurdle when trying to utilize the amazing free resources available on the web. But a modern, open LMS solves these challenges. Here's how.

Dylan Rodgers