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Evolving Ed

The Pogs of Education: Using Digital and Physical Badges in Elementary

Learn how Computer Teacher Stephen Rao became determined to use badges in his classroom and his strategy for doing so.

Stephen Rao
Evolving Ed

Why and How to Involve Students In The Study Of Their Data

There are many benefits to creating a data-informed educational culture, especially when students are involved in the process. Learn why and how here.

Lauren Davis
Evolving Ed

Why You Should be Using Social Media as a Teaching Tool

Hear from Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang, Associate Professor of Communication Studies and digital learning consultant, about why social media should be used in the classroom.

Dylan Rodgers
Evolving Ed

Engaging Students Online: “Face to Face” in the Virtual Classroom

Online learning is growing in popularity but it's most often not engaging enough for students. Learn a few strategies to for engaging students in the online classroom.

Dr. Alison F. Slade
Evolving Ed

Differentiated, Individualized, and Personalized Learning Explained

Do you know the difference between differentiated, individualized, and personalized learning and what they look like in practice? Find out here.

Lauren Davis
Evolving Ed

10 Truths New Teachers Need to Know

No matter how prepared you are as a new teacher, there's a lot you'll learn the hard way. But to spare you a few of these lessons, here are 10 truths you may not have heard.

Michelle Detwiler
Evolving Ed

Literacy x 3: Traditional, Media, and Digital Literacies for Today's Learner

Discerning the nature of information and sources in the digital age is complicated. Learn three types of literacies students need to be learning today.

Melody S. Gee
Evolving Ed

The Second Hat All Great Principals Must Wear

Effective school leaders have to wear many hats. Two of the most important are manager and instructional leader. Learn how to wear both in this article by an Asst. Principal.

H. L.
Evolving Ed

Beyond Compliance: What if the IEP Is Not Enough?

IEPs are overly complex and don't necessarily translate to better learning. Find out how schools can support teachers to both comply with IEPs and address all their students' needs.

Melissa Corto
Evolving Ed

The Importance of "Wait Time" in the Technology-Based Classroom

What is "wait time" and why is important for helping students process, discuss, and apply what they're learning? Find out here.

Hannah Whiteoak