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Evolving Ed

How Students Really Learn: Powerful Lessons from a Connected Generation

Learning looks different when it's in school versus in life. If we took a page from everyday informal learning experiences, lessons suddenly take on a new life. See how.

Dylan Rodgers
Evolving Ed

Making Personalized Learning a Reality in the Classroom

Personalized learning is an educational strategy designed to improve learning by tailoring instruction to students needs and allowing students a certain level of choice in how they learn.

Neeru Khosla
Evolving Ed

5 Ways Technology Transforms Writing Instruction: From Instant Gratification to Iteration

The social media culture of quick communication and instant gratification can be a roadblock to students learning how to write. See five ways technology transforms writing instruction in any subject.

Amanda Zeligs Hand
Evolving Ed

Flip Everything You Know About Professional Development

Flipping the classroom isn't just for the classroom. We should be flipping our professional development too. Learn why and how interactive video can help.

Rob Perez
Evolving Ed

How to Prevent Cheating During Online Tests

Learn research backed ways to deter students from cheating during online tests from Jodi Feeney, the Chief Operations Officer for Respondus.

Jodi Feeney
Evolving Ed

Shifting the Paradigm in High School Math: How We Implemented Common Core in the Classroom

Our journey to implementation of CCSS started about 6 years ago. We looked at the new CCSS standards, which represented a major change in how math is taught and how math is learned, especially the standards for mathematical practice.

Luke Dilger
Evolving Ed

Top-Down vs Bottom-Up: 2 Ways to Approach EdTech Implementations

Which edtech implementation strategy should you choose—top-down or bottom-up? This article addresses many of the major benefits and challenges with each strategy and a few ideas on how to have the best of both worlds.

H. L.
Evolving Ed

Career Readiness: 7 Soft Skills an LMS Can Help Students Develop

Learn why the definition of career readiness has evolved and how learning management systems can help develop the soft skills modern students need.

Mike Roberts
Evolving Ed

Stop Treating Your LMS Like a Digital Filing Cabinet

What is your learning management system (LMS) to you? Is it an elaborate program used to house your syllabus or a critical part of your day to day workflow? If you answered anything but "a critical part of your workflow," then you should probably use your LMS more. Here's why. 

Dylan Rodgers
Evolving Ed

Video | What are Third Places and How Can You Cultivate Them?

We put Bradley Kemp, Sr. Instructional Designer at Schoology, and William Illingworth, Instructional Technologist and Systems Administrator at Lancaster Bible College, in a tiny room to talk about modern Third Places and how to cultivate them.

Bradley Kemp