Who's in Your PLC? See How Schoology Connects You to the World

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Who's in Your PLC? See How Schoology Connects You to the World

Posted in Evolving Ed | December 04, 2014

Cue music from "2001: A Space Odyssey"


Do you know who is in your professional learning community (PLC)? A few weeks ago, EdSurge asked us this question for an article they published recently. We jumped at the opportunity to draw up a map showing just how extensive the Schoology Community really is, because we are proud members ourselves.

To be honest, I felt like I had a pretty solid grasp of how the map might look, that is, until I saw it.


Darker shades indicate a higher concentration of institutions.


Whoa! Seeing this image for the first time was kind of mind blowing. Nearly 200 different countries are represented above, even though the proportions are way off (we couldn't find a usable equal-area map). What's even more remarkable is that all of these countries are connected in one PLC.

If you're a Schoology user, you know how powerful this can be. Just post a question in a public group and you'll get answers, friendly advice, and helpful resources almost instantly.

There is no greater force in education than a global community of brilliant people such as this.

I can't tell you how many times I've seen foreign language teachers connect their classes with native speakers around the world, or cultural studies teachers connect with classes from the cultures they're learning about. The possibilites just seem so vast.

The big question is:


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