Where to Find Great Content at EDUCAUSE 2016

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Where to Find Great Content at EDUCAUSE 2016

Posted in Schoology | October 19, 2016

EDUCAUSE is one of the largest edtech conferences in the US and has tons to offer higher ed professionals looking to expand their ideas, connections, and tech portfolio. But do you know where to find great sessions?

Well, while we may be a bit biased (a wee bit), we're hosting some fantastic presentations by leaders in instructional technology, distance learning, and assessment.

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A Must-See Presentation by Wheaton College

Finding Your Ed Tech Soulmate: Matchmaking Tips from Instructional Technology

Learn about Wheaton College’s smart approach to LMS evaluation, including why they forged their own path and how it led them to marked improvements institution-wide.

When & Where?
Thursday, October 27 | 8:00–8:50AM | Room 303A

Presented by

Carlos Astorga
Instructional Systems Specialist
Wheaton College
Jeremy Friedman
Co-Founder & CEO


6 Great Sessions at Our Booth #1811


The Modern LMS: Why Collaboration Should Be a Priority

Wednesday, October 26 | 12:00 pm

As collaboration (communication, critical thinking, teamwork, etc.) becomes increasingly important in our modern workforce, LMSs have added features to promote collaborative learning. There is one, however, that was designed to do so from the ground up. Learn how Schoology is uniquely positioned to enhance learning and collaboration among students, faculty, and other stakeholders across an institution.

Finding Your Ed Tech Soulmate: A Preview of Wheaton College's Story

Wednesday, October 26 | 2:00 pm

Learn about Wheaton College’s smart approach to LMS evaluation, including why they forged their own path and how it led them to marked improvements institution-wide. This session is a preview of the full session held on Thursday at 8:00–8:50AM in Room 303A.

Get AMP'd with Schoology's New Assessment Management Platform (AMP)

Wednesday, October 26 | 5:00 pm

Schoology's new assessment management platform (AMP) is built right into our LMS to make student learning experiences, test and exam administration, and reporting all possible in the same environment. Learn how you can develop centrally managed tests and exams that match your learning objectives and deliver them within your instructors’ normal course workflow.

It's About Learning: How an Intuitive LMS Improves Learning from the Start

Thursday, October 27 | 10:30 am

Most LMSs have steep learning curves that limit faculty adoption and student engagement. Come see why Schoology takes ease of use and user-centricity to a whole new level to drive faculty and student adoption.

Boost Student and Faculty Engagement with a Digital Campus Community

Thursday, October 27 | 11:30 am

While most LMSs are limited to course management, Schoology provides the digital ecosystem to manage and engage with your entire campus community. Come explore how an LMS that powers campus groups, communications, events, and more gives students the connected experience they expect, while dramatically increasing campuswide adoption.

"Rip and Tear": Doing a Mid-Year LMS Implementation

Thursday, October 27 | 12:30 pm

Chris VanBuskirk, Director of Online Learning at Lancaster Bible College will share their institution's journey in selecting a new LMS and ultimately selecting Schoology as the best platform for e-Learning.

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