Watch Jennifer Symington's Winning Video: Empowering International Collaboration

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Watch Jennifer Symington's Winning Video: Empowering International Collaboration

Posted in Community | April 18, 2013

Our other winning video in the Best Use of Schoology for Blended Learning category comes from Jennifer Symington, the Leader of Pedagogy at at the All Saints Catholic Girls College in Liverpool (Sydney), Australia. Teaching 12-16 year old students geography, English, math, history, and science, Jennifer has used Schoology for two years in her integrated studies course where she blends all the aforementioned subjects. Her video is a shining example of the incredible power of technology to foster global learning.

When we asked if she had any advice about integrating technology in the classroom, Jennifer said:

"One piece of advice about tech integration is setting clear expectations for students. In the Schoology space, our students know that asking questions, answering each others' questions, posting links to outside contexts, and providing each other with positive encouragement will be highly regarded when marking. As a result we have created some online classrooms where students learn so much more from each other than from their teachers.

In addition, a key benefit of using social platforms like Schoology is that we hear so much more from students who are silent in class. Many kids are much more confident online and we can get to know them much better from the Schoology interaction that from their classroom participation."

Thank you Jennifer!

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