Video: Shifting to Student-centered Learning in White Plains

Learn about how White Plains School District is making learning more student centered
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Video: Shifting to Student-centered Learning in White Plains

Posted in Community | November 27, 2018

For our Advance What's Possible Video Series, the Schoology Team is traveling around the country and helping tell the stories of schools and districts who are using Schoology to transform learning. Our latest stop was Eastview Middle School in White Plains School District in White Plains, NY.

We spoke with Superintendent Dr. Joseph Ricca, Principal Joe Cloherty, Teacher and Instructional Technology Coach Jherlyn Lopez, and Teachers Jody Kennedy and Dana Van Dunk.

In this video, they discuss how White Plains School District has taken their instruction to the next level with a student-centered approach that enables them to break down barriers and address equity and access in their district.

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Full Video Transcription

Dr. Joseph Ricca: White plain city school district is a fairly large school district for Westchester County, New York. We have over 7,200 students and nine buildings. We offer a tremendous and comprehensive educational program.

Joe Cloherty: This year. We have initiated a one to one ipad and we've used Schoology and one of the absolute wonderful things has been the increase in student activity, student ownership of their learning and there's an excitement from both the students and the faculty. In regard to this.

Jherlyn Lopez: We have a very diverse population of students and students that come from different income levels, so our district is very particular in terms of the makeup of our students are dual language program is very unique in that it provides the community the ability to have a number of classes that provide teaching in Spanish and innate. Adopting Schoology has allowed me to really shift the way that I teach my students. One of the things that has happened is that my class has turned from a teacher centered class to a student centered class.

Jody Kennedy: Visual reasoning enrichment is designed for students who have visual reasoning skills that have promise. This class is designed to help them elevate those skills, so out of 180 students doing everything from virtual reality to a flying a drone to 3D printing. I mean they're all choosing very different topics based on what they're interested in. They're so excited about it, but I had no way to keep track of it, so Schoology was the perfect, perfect solution for me. Schoology has also helped my students be able to collaborate in a very powerful way. I have created groups for them, the drone group, the virtual reality group. They can talk to each other and share their work and share their media with each other all through that tool. Then on top of it, they can give each other feedback and critique through the media gallery that we are uploading to, which has been seamless, which also solved another problem for me.

Dana Van Dunk: My name is Dana Van Dunk and I teach computer science, computer technology here at Eastview. My role in this school is to really teach the kids all about digital citizenship, how do you use the Internet safely? I teach them about the different softwares we have such as Sschoology, Microsoft, and I also train and teach some of the staff. What's amazing that I just learned is I can group my classes, so I see kids every other day and I see five classes a day. I can group those, so rather than sending out one assignment five times a day, send it out once a day. It's made my life so much easier. I absolutely love my job. I love coming to work everyday, Schoology has really allowed me to have more free time so I have more time to do research, more time to come up with new lessons to sit with a group of kids and just see what they're at with their thinking about. It's made my life a whole lot easier as a teacher.

Dr. Joseph Ricca: Schoology provides that platform that can allow children and can allow faculty members to engage in the next level of instruction. Probably one of the most exciting things I think and our students are excited about that as well is the opportunity to truly collaborate on a digital plane. And again, this is going to be the future of education in a lot of ways because what we're doing is we're breaking down barriers that might exist and allow students to learn when they're excited and ready to learn, whether it's at 2:00 in the afternoon or whether it's at 2:00 on a Saturday.

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