[Video] Redefining Student Success: Passion Projects and the 4 C's

[Video] Redefining Student Success: Passion Projects and the 4 C's
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[Video] Redefining Student Success: Passion Projects and the 4 C's

Posted in Schoology | March 01, 2018

What does a passion (nay, an obsession!) with cute kittens in bowls have to do with student success? More than you might think. This is what Dr. Nicholas Indeglio, Principal of Downingtown Middle School and an NASSP 2017 Digital Principal of the Year, discovered after launching a project to allow students to explore their passions. 

"The Crazy Cat Lady Club? There was a waiting list to get into that!"

The truth is, education promises to prepare students for success in the world, but the skills students need to be successful appear to be changing faster than educational systems trying to keep up with them. This is the challenge Dr. Indeglio, a recent guest on our monthly LEAP Webinar, is embracing differently than most.

In the video below, Dr. Indeglio and our LEAP hosts discuss his school's digital learning strategy, the 4 C's, how he has created a framework for his students to explore passion projects and expand learning far beyond the curriculum, and the impact all that has had.

Redefining Student Success in the 21st Century


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