Using Schoology in a High School Setting

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Using Schoology in a High School Setting

Posted in Pro Tips | July 31, 2012

Many of our community members have been asking to see examples of courses on Schoology. As always, we appreciate all of your feedback and wanted to share some tips and tricks when teaching different courses and grade levels.

This week we will be looking at a High School AP English Course

This course has been manually set up to have the ‚Updatesђ feature be the first section of the course that students will see when they log in. This feature can be enabled in the Course Options settings next to Default Landing Page.

This educator has organized their class materials into folders. The materials were added into the system early enough and now they can be scheduled for when content would be visible to her students. Those folders that are highlighted grey are currently not visible to students. This feature can be used with specific assignments and or folders within a course.

Folders within the materials section of this course have been uploaded documents. There is the option though to create a course page within Schoology, these pages act as text block within folders but not outside of them.

Going into the units for the first semester we can see that this educator has organized all of their materials so that students can find all content with ease.

As part of one unit, a discussion has been created and assigned. A topic that has been assigned can always be viewed at the top of the page, where it is always accessible to all students participating.

Within the discussions feature members can also submit another type of content when they leave comments by selecting file and/or link/embedding_it._In discussions students are able to engage with each other by commenting on previous posts. Their teacher can now easily view and grade their participation.

For another unit, the teacher has required their students to upload content to a media album, to find images of famous actors who have played Hamlet._Educators and their students can view who has submitted content as well as comment on submissions.

When students have submitted assignments, educators will be notified. In the past educators were able to review studentsђ work, comment and grade it.

Now, educators cannot only open, review, comment and grade the assignment but they are able to create annotations within the doc viewer on as well.

Once saved, the students can review all of their teacherђs notes, annotations and are now able to make any necessary revisions

There are many ways to set up and run your courses on Schoology. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing other sample courses including examples of various grade levels and disciplines. Be sure to check them all out!

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