Understanding SAMR, TPACK, and Other Tech Integration Frameworks

Understanding SAMR, TPACK, and Other Tech Integration Frameworks
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Bradley Kemp

Senior Instructional Designer for Schoology

Understanding SAMR, TPACK, and Other Tech Integration Frameworks

Posted in Schoology | July 07, 2017

Does your institution have a framework for integrating technology into the classroom? Those of you nodding your head—do you know what SAMR, TPACK, or whatever framework you use actually means?

Kellie Ady, our Director of Instructional Strategy, and I decided to dispel any confusion around these terms in one of our LEAP Webinars. We discuss the frameworks in detail, including how they might look in a Schoology implementation. We also share creative ideas and applications that can be immediately used in your own classroom.


This is not your "pie in the sky" discussion, folks. You'll see that when Kellie and I address the SAMR model, for example, we will show you what Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition looks like in a discussion.

The Substitution discussion is the same as a discussion you'd have in person, just digital. An augmented discussion may enable them to contribute links to resources, videos, or images.

Augmentation of a discussion provides more avenues for students to contribute and more ways for student understanding to be assessed.

Is the learning enhanced? It may or may not be. This is just the second level or layer to your technology integration.

Let's look at Modification for our discussion example. This is where we start to think more about how students are responding.

While we tend to think of discussion responses as text-based, online discussions enable students to record a video response in the style of a newscast, post their own audio reading of a poem, or share images of a model they've built.

You'll notice that the S and the A in SAMR are more instructor centered. As we move into the M and R, this framework becomes more student centered.

Finally, we have Redefinition (the R in SAMR). Redefinition is when technology opens up avenues for learning that were previously inconceivable. Imagine hosting a shared discussion between your students and students in Switzerland. This can add numerous cultural layers to your students' understanding.

These are just a few examples of the specifics we dive into in our LEAP webinar. So grab some popcorn, a comfy seat, and join our discussion of these different technology implementation models.

Questions? Thoughts? Firsthand experiences? Let us know below in the comments section or tweet me @brdkmp #NerdChills.

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