Two Mobile Updates to Kickstart Your Long Weekend: Android App v2.3 and iOS App 2.7.2

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Two Mobile Updates to Kickstart Your Long Weekend: Android App v2.3 and iOS App 2.7.2

Posted in Schoology | October 11, 2013

I know what you're thinking: "Dylan, didn't you just post blogs about mobile app updates?" Yes, Community, I did, but our mobile development team makes the Super Friends seem ordinary by once again making our apps better, faster, and more engaging in no time at all.

Android Mobile App v2.3

Version 2.3 of our Android mobile app focuses on information accessibility—not only in the obvious sense of the phrase but also in the speed of performance. No matter where you are in the app (e.g., Home, Courses, or Groups), your Updates feed will load faster to make sure you have the important info right when you want it.

Image Thumbnails

Clicking on image attachments to view them is so v2.2. Our newest version includes thumbnail previews for images attached to updates and comments to streamline how you absorb information. And because they display horizontally, you'll be able to scroll right and left when necessary.  

School Profile Access

Want to know what's going on at the school level? Just go to your School's profile. You can get there by selecting your personal profile or a course and clicking your school's name, shown in blue, near the top.

Just like on the web, you'll be able to access school updates, discussions, events, and resources. This is what it looks like:

Paste Active URLs

Now anytime you copy and paste a URL into a comment or update, it will become an active link to put even external resources at your fingertips.

Version 2.3 also includes:

  • The Assignment Dropbox is now called Assignment Submissions (just like on the web)
  • A bug fix for un-enrolled students appearing in the Gradebook

iOS App Version 2.7.2

We also have released a new version of our iOS mobile app that is optimized for Apple's iOS 7. Our app has supported iOS 7 for a while, but it will soon share more of the overall aesthetic of the new operating system. And don't fret if you haven't upgraded yet, because we will continue to support iOS 6 as well (at least for a while).

Apart from the aesthetics, v2.7.2 includes a couple important updates:

  • Better support for international date formats
  • A fix for a scrolling issue on assessments 

* * *

Now it's up to you to get the new Android app v2.3 or the new iOS app v2.7.2 and see what you think. You can download them below.

Also, don't be shy; post your thoughts here on the blog and on our Twitter feed (@Schoology). Also, if you have any questions, please contact our Support Team at







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