To Flip or Not to Flip: September 6 is Flipped Day

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Dylan Rodgers

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To Flip or Not to Flip: September 6 is Flipped Day

Posted in Pro Tips | September 05, 2013

Tomorrow, September 6, 2013, has officially been dubbed Flipped Day, a global effort to encourage educators around the world to try flipping their classrooms. In case you haven't heard, flipping the classroom is the teaching method where lectures are sent home with students and class time is used for more personalized, hands-on learning. 

This definition can be misleading and, given the challenging nature of any instructional method, is an over simplification of the real practices that lead to success. That's why the Flipped Learning Network is hosting free lessons to help you achieve your flipping goals. If you're interested, you'll want to sign up soon. 

And if you're on the fence, consider these lessons as an opportunity to connect with hundreds of educators across 25 countries and learn more about this revolutionary teaching style.

We also have some great flipped instruction resources for you, one being Cassandra Knutson's guest blog, A Path to Successful Flipped Instrucion and Two Easy Ways to Get Started. In her down-to-earth narrative, Cassandra addresses some of the basic misconceptions of flipping, helps to establish reasonable expectations, and provides a some simple steps to make flipping a reality.

Another resource, and by far the most valuable in my opinion, is our Flipped Classrooms Group, a massive collaboration between more than 5,000 educators around the world. This group is active day in and day out, so it is constantly relevant and helpful.

Regardless of whether you plan to flip your classroom or not, Flipped Day should at least be an inspiration to us all to look at education with a fresh perspective. Even simple changes can have profound effects.

How will you celebrate Flipped Day?


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