Tips, Tricks, and Accessibility: #SchoologyChat Recap

Tips, Tricks, and Accessibility: #SchoologyChat Recap
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Robert Schuetz

Technology Coordinator for Palatine High School, IL

Tips, Tricks, and Accessibility: #SchoologyChat Recap

Posted in Community | March 05, 2018

With Valentine’s Day approaching, it was the perfect time for community members to discuss some of the features they love most about Schoology at #SchoologyChat. Schoology Ambassadors, Dani Patterson and Jared Lopatin, guided our conversation with interesting prompts accented with entertaining graphics. Love was in the air as our participants gushed over their favorite Schoology tools and strategies.

Like most Twitter chats, the February edition of #SchoologyChat began with introductions along with mentions of things they love about their favorite LMS. Completion rules, calendar sharing, and badges are popular favorites. No shortage of fun, participants were asked to share a story about a best or worst date in six words or less. You’ll need to jump in the chat archive to see why we’re still laughing.

First impressions can be impactful. Group resources, self-grading assessments, and discussions were cited for their initial and lasting attractiveness. Patty Finney mentioned her appreciation for the easy-to-use rubric feature, Tina Nording likes using the embedded audio recording tool to provide feedback to her students, and Jake Miller restated his fondness for completion rules to help individualize learning in his classroom.

Powers of persuasion, how do we get others to dip their toes into the comfortable Schoology waters? Natasha Monsaas-Daly stated, “having everything in one place adds efficiency and saves time.” Others shared their appreciation for ease of use and seamless integration with productivity applications like Google Drive. Schoology Ambassador Hope Elliot indicated her new users appreciate self-graded quizzes and the availability of shared resources. People working smarter, not harder.

Jake Miller called it the learning buffet—what are the feature that keep Schoology users coming back day after day? Yankees fan, Stephen Rao, as he typically does, hit another one out of the park by mentioning discussions, embedded media, and one of my favorite features, portfolios.

Chat moderator, Jared Lopatin, created a stir by commenting about the “tool tip” feature. Several participants mentioned this as a convenient way to differentiate assignments and assessments by adding additional directions and supports for users. Ambassador, David Wallace, shared his terrific tutorial video about Schoology’s highly regarded “tool tip” feature.

Our participants eventually shifted thoughts to accessibility and equity. More than a few folks cited their reliance of grading groups for differentiated learning activities. It was interesting to hear how people were adding collaborative elements to their courses and groups. Tagging other instructors, sharing group resources, and linking course sections were all identified as ways of supporting learners within Schoology.

As usual, there were many gems shared during our chat. The Schoology learning community, as mentioned many times, continues to display exemplary generosity and enthusiasm. Moderators, Dani Patterson and Jared Lopatin, kept our Valentine’s Day themed chat engaging and fun! Skim through the chat archive, it’s very likely there’s a gold nugget there waiting for you.

Conversations are ongoing, but the next scheduled edition of #SchoologyChat on Twitter occurs Tuesday, March 6th at 9:00pm ET. We will be discussing blended learning with Ken Zimmerman and differentiation with Laura Beckham. We hope you can join in the conversation.

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