Three Brilliantly Unique Uses of Schoology

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Three Brilliantly Unique Uses of Schoology

Posted in Pro Tips | December 11, 2014

Today, let's focus on some of the less conventional uses of Schoology. With a platform used by millions of education professionals in nearly every corner of the world, you'd expect creative uses to pop up here and there. I have the privilege of getting to hear quite a few of these stories, and many of them are downright brilliant.


Here are three ways to use Schoology that you probably never thought of:



Guiding Students Toward Professionalism

A high school in California is using Schoology profiles to teach its students the ins and outs of building effective professional profiles. While many of us had to learn this invaluable skill the hard way, these students will graduate knowing full well how to market themselves to potential employers.

The Schoology profile is an excellent tool for teaching the basics—how to choose a portrait, how to best articulate skills and interests, and how to utilize the art of brevity. All of this will come in handy as they build their portfolios (Schoology ePortfolios coming in 2015!) and throughout the rest of their adult lives. 



Sharing the Love: Foodie Groups

Some educators started a Schoology group dedicated to sharing the love of food and family. In this group, educators post their favorite recipes and share tips and tricks to help refine their cooking techniques.

Schoology is the perfect forum for DIY projects like this, because you can utilize any media (text, audio, and video), discuss ways to improve recipe nutrition without compromising flavor, and even keep traditional skills alive by teaching others how to pickle, can, and cure.

On a final note, non-academic groups do more than boost morale and engagement. They can also nurture a sense of camaraderie between people who otherwise may not have connected, which is a win in and of itself.



Continuing Support for High School Seniors 

A school in Nebraska is helping graduating seniors prepare for college by enrolling them in a group dedicated to grants and scholarships. This way, they all have access to the same information in one easy to use place. It also opens up important conversations that may have never happened when it wasn't all at their fingertips.

Finding their own way after high school is tricky for all students. Having all the right resources and an open line of communication can make all the difference.


Do you use Schoology in any unconventional ways? Share with us below or reach out on Twitter(@Schoology). 


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