Three Big Ways our Mobile iOS App v3.0 Update Makes You the Master of Your Content

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Three Big Ways our Mobile iOS App v3.0 Update Makes You the Master of Your Content

Posted in Schoology | April 25, 2014

Content is a huge part of our lives as mobile device users. We're constantly streaming, downloading, and digesting information from a seemingly infinite number of sources every day. It's now more important than ever, especially in education, that we are able to access and use it effectively.

That's why our new iOS mobile app version 3.0 is designed to help you get the most out of your educational content in three big ways.

Improved Content Panels

Now when you use your mobile device to create or edit content—e.g., assignments, discussions, and events—you'll notice the content panel has been completely redesigned. With a clean and efficient aesthetic, these new panels provide you with far more control over the important details of your content than ever before.

Each content panel now includes all the basic options you see on our web platform. Each panel also comes with new Advanced Options at the bottom that are specific to each content type. From the ability to choose a grading scale on assignments to requiring students to post to discussions before seeing other students' posts, these redesigned panels enable you to better manage your courses and be a more effective educator from your mobile device.

Below are all your new content panel options:

Assignments—Category, Grading Scale, Enable/Disable Submissions, Visibility, Grade Statistics, and Enable/Disable Comments

DiscussionsEnable/Disable Grading, Due Date, Visibility, and Require Post to See Other Posts

EventsRSVP Options

Assignment Search, Sort, and Filter

Assignment Search, Sort, and Filter are huge time savers. When you use third-party apps for assignment submissions or annotations, these tools will streamline the process of choosing where to submit your content in the Schoology platform. 

As a refresher, the Open In function of your device's apps (as shown below) enables you to push third-party content into Schoology. Our platform provides you with a series of options that help you to open and submit that content where you want it. Well as you probably know, the list of assignments can get pretty long and thumbing through the list can take time.

Imagine you're a student wanting to submit your homework to one of the numerous assignments posted in your course. You just finished your essay on the life of Jack Rabbits in your Pages app and used the Open In function to submit it to Schoology. This is where the Assignment Search, Sort, and Filter tools come in. 

These tools enable you to quickly:

  1. Search for the assignment by title.
  2. Sort the assignment list by A-Z and Due Date.
  3. Filter the list by Grading Period and Category.

Updated Comments

We've improved the layout of comments on discussions, assignments, and events. They now have a much cleaner look and feel, making them easily scannable to help you and your students can get the most out of comment conversations at a glance.

Those are all the new features for our iOS v3.0. Download it today, if you haven't already, and tell us what you think here on the blog or on Twitter (@Schoology). We're always excited to hear your feedback.


Start Using v3.0 Today

P.S. If you have any questions about these apps, please reach out to our Support Community or submit a ticket to our Support Team.


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